Custom Moroccan Beni Ourain Rug

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Gray & Beige Moroccan Rug with irregular Striped Patterns, 


Size: 4'x6'

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Beni Ourain rug is hand knotted in our looms at our workshop by individual women who have inherited their skills from their ancestors, which have passed the weaving techniques from a generation to the next. The Berber rug that you will get is luxurious and soft pile that looks and feels like woolen silk. Your feet will feast!

The Moroccan design rug is hand made exclusively for you. An average rug takes 4 to 6 weeks to finish. These rugs are woven by hand on a loom at our workshop, by village women in Central Anatolia. Skilled with the ancient tradition, the weavers work their way to the finished rug without compromising on quality and tradition. These are not mass produced rugs, they are individually crafted pieces of floor art. Every stage of this rug is completed by hand, not a single machine is used. Only traditional wooden looms are used and that is the reason for the length of time required to finish a rug. But the result is worth the waiting.

Our custom-size Moroccan rugs are individually-made using natural wool; no dyes are used. Our weavers use traditional methods on a loom and they earn a fair trade living from their traditional skills. By ordering these rugs, you contribute to the existence of this traditional craft.

We can weave any design, any pattern, any size and any color you want in 6 weeks average.
You can choose to have fringes or no fringes.
0.8" pile height (thickness) - Optional it can be adjusted to your desire.
Newly Hand Made
Hand-knotted, handwoven
Eco friendly, natural wool, no synthetic fibers
100% wool
Individually made on a traditional loom
Handmade in our workshop in a Central Anatolian Village
A Moroccan rug takes about four to six weeks to weave. If your order is oversized, this can be up-to 8 weeks. In that case please allow up to nine weeks to receive.
Slight shedding for the first few weeks is normal for hand-knotted, woolen rugs.
Hand knotted rugs are sturdy vacuuming will soften and refine the rug.
Spot stains can be cleaned with an absorbent white cotton cloth soaked in tepid water mixed with carpet shampoo and touch of vinegar and rinsed.
We recommend sweeping the rug with a broom once a week instead of a vacuum cleaner.
An appropriate rug-pad should be used with area rugs for extra comfort, prevent skipping and protection of the rug. We stock a wide range of rug-pads in all sizes, please inquire if you need one.

price : $ 555.00

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