Custom Handmade Damascus Steel Chef Knife Set, 4 PIECE CHEF SET, American Flag Handle, Camel Bone, Red & Blue Fiber Handle

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Hand-forged Custom Handmade Damascus Steel Fixed Blade Kitchen Chef Knife Set, 275 LAYERS 1095 15N20 FORGED DAMASCUS STEEL, HAND STITCHED LEATHER BAG, handle CAMEL BONE, RED FIBER, BLUE FIBER steel Bolster mosaic pin


Overall length is 8" to 12"
Blade length is 4" to 7"
Handle length is 4" to 5"


Complimentary genuine leather hand stitched sheath
Complimentary keen & precise re-sharpening prior to shipping
Complimentary gift messages
Complimentary personalization & engraving available.
Gift wrapping service available for minimal additional fee


HAND FORGED DAMASCUS STEEL? Manufactured with ultra-sharp hand forged Damascus steel cutting core at HRC58-60 hardness, this knife comes with unrivaled performance and incredible edge retention;

Damascus steel outperforms high carbon steel in durability and is easier to sharpen as mix of high chromium steel enhance the other alloying elements.

ERGONOMIC & WELL-BALANCED ?Hollow blade is light weight and compliments the handle in maintaining balance and help to alleviate fatigue and pains on your fingers after use with comfort while providing you with the perfect blend of performance and comfort.

ULTIMATELY DURABLE HANDLE? The meticulously constructed handle has gone through special treatment, making it extremely impervious to heat, moisture, cold with military grade strength and life-long sturdiness; multiple times riveted for extra resilience.

SUPERIOR SHARPNESS ? Ruthlessly sharp edge is handcrafted by seasoned artisans to a mirror polish at 12-15° per side using the traditional 3-step honing method; Nitrogen cooled for ultimate hardness, flexibility and performance.

LIFETIME WARRANTY ? No premium knife is complete without a lifetime warranty; our masterpiece knife is fully covered for life, free exchange or return for life if the item is defective.

HAND FORGED DAMASCUS BLADES: Damascus blades are hand forged through a process of layering, melting and hammering. This results in each blade having a unique design or as some would say a “fingerprint”. Each & every knife is truly one of a kind.

Damascus steel has outstanding properties of strength and hardness. We amplify its properties by oil quenching it at 2100 deg F to cool it down fast and we do it twice to make sure it’s hard to its inner core to withstand any kind of work you may put it to use. It achieves a 58 or higher HRC on the Rockwell Scale.

Producing Damascus steel is still unknown to this day, the process has been lost over the past 500 years. Today, we layer & hand forge two different steels 15n20 & 1095. It is then dipped in Ferric Chloride creating a distinct reaction with the metals producing a Damascus like pattern.                 

price : $ 200.00

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